DSE Seminar Focuses on Venue of the Future

Feb. 10, 2015

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) announced its 12-part Digital Signage Seminar Program at DSE 2015 designed specifically for end user professionals will include an hour-long interactive session titled “Digital Signage & Interactive Technology in the Venue of the Future.”

Presented by Jason Carey, channel manager, Wells Fargo, this interactive session will feature a brief case study overview of how digital communications and interactive technologies can enhance the onsite experience and contribute to business objectives. Attendees will be challenged to work together to envision a futuristic approach to employing these technologies in their own organizations, and share tips for substantiating such investment.

DSE Advisory Board members recently had the opportunity to comment on this timely topic and offered a variety of insights.

DSE Advisory Board member Luke Hamilton, global group creative director, emerging experiences, Razorfish, said, “Digital out-of-home advertising exists both within and beyond IoT. To capture consumers’ attention today, the message must be more compelling than our wearable device buzzing to tell us that we need to grab our umbrella because it’s going to rain today. To succeed in this marketplace, our efforts must be focused on three core objectives: 1) Meaningful experiences, 2) Making it Effortless, and 3) Enabling the ongoing evolution.  Connecting things, data, messages and people is more than just sensors and networks, and does not make an awesome experience by itself. As these tools become more widely adopted, it’s going to be extremely important to remember why we’re doing this — it still has to provide value to the audience for which it’s intended."