FutureRailway Chooses Bytemark for App

Feb. 2, 2015

Bytemark announced Jan. 28 it has been awarded the contract to create a mobile payments infrastructure and smartphone app for the FutureRailway program in the United Kingdom.

Once completed, the FutureRailway smartphone app developed by Bytemark will offer transport operators and commuters several methods for purchasing and activating rail tickets. The system will leverage the Bluetooth LE wireless technology resident on modern smartphones, enabling riders to have their rail fare validated by walking through fare-gates equipped with wireless readers. As long as their phone and Bluetooth is powered on, riders won't even need to remove their smartphone from their pocket or briefcase. The new app will offer a host of other convenient features as well including access to rail schedules, a rail system map, arrival times, GPS-based location services, and more.

"The FutureRailway initiative and its rail industry partners have come together to create a very progressive and strategic vision for their industry, and Bytemark is honored to be a part of the team that will help make that vision a reality," said Micah Bergdale, CEO of Bytemark. "We continue to be selected as the mobile ticketing and mobile payments vendor of choice across the mass transit ecosystem, and we are pleased to be awarded this important contract with FutureRailway."