AVTA Launches ITS

Jan. 29, 2015

Getting there has never been easier. The Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) is now offering its customers the latest advancement in public transit technology. Track-it, a state-of-the-art intelligent transportation system, provides AVTA customers with real-time bus location information. No matter where they are, Track-it information can be at their fingertips.

The $2.4 million system monitors AVTA’s entire fleet of local and commuter buses via a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking system. AVTA passengers can now rely on 24/7 access to bus departure information using their smart phones or computer. AVTA officials praised the cutting-edge technology and anticipate an improved experience for their customers.

“The launch of Track-it is the next step toward the agency’s vision to develop a world class transit system,” stated AVTA Board Chairman Norm Hickling. “We’re very excited about all of the possibilities that the Track-it system has to offer. The AVTA Team has worked incredibly hard to implement this new technology delivering improved mobility for our passengers through both operational efficiency and smart information.”

With a few taps on a smart phone, customers with the myStop application will be able to check when the next bus will depart from any stop in the transit system. When a bus is delayed or detoured due to a traffic accident or roadwork, customers will be able to track the bus’ progress on the route. Passengers will also be able to receive text alerts notifying them of an upcoming departure, making trip planning easier than ever before. Although the myStop App is only available right now for Apple users, the version for Android is currently in development, and is projected to be available in the fall. The Track-it system is equipped with Cell/SMS/Text capabilities, so mobile phone users without the application can request and receive bus information via text message. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Track-it enables AVTA buses to now have automated announcements of upcoming stops on each route.

Future plans call for an interactive voice response (IVR) system that will allow customers to receive route and stop information (in English or Spanish) by calling in and entering the stop or route number. AVTA also plans to install digital signs that will display regularly updated bus departure information at Lancaster City Park and at the Palmdale Transportation Center and QR codes will be posted at bus stops, to help passengers with smart phones easily obtain bus location information.

AVTA has been working with Avail Technologies for the last 18 months on the installation and implementation of the ITS system.