AR: POM and Juniper Systems Products Provide Top-Notch Parking Meter Management Solutions

Aug. 7, 2014
POM Inc. utilizes Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 rugged handheld to provide energy-efficient parking meter solutions.

POM Inc. utilizes Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 rugged handheld to provide energy-efficient parking meter solutions.

POM descends directly from the first parking meter company, Magee-Hale Park-O-Meter, established in 1935, making POM the oldest and one of the largest parking meter facilities in the world.

POM incorporates the Archer 2 handheld into its parking meter solutions. The Archer 2 is used to collect data with POM’s POMComm parking meter management app, which then transfers collected data to POM’s cloud-based software.

POM’s POMComm app originally ran on Juniper Systems’ first-generation Archer Field PC, but POM has since transitioned to Juniper’s new handheld, the Archer 2. Terry Henderson, POM’s Marketing Manager, said about this move: “POM is pleased to announce the Archer 2 Field PC for use with our cloud-based software, MeterManager.Net. We are looking forward to introducing our new customers to the resilient and versatile communicator, the Archer 2. For our existing customer base, it will be an easy transition to MeterManager.Net and Archer 2. The Archer 2 is simple to use and will enhance customer experience with MeterManager.Net.”

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