REI Announces New BUS-WATCH Products

April 30, 2012
HD Series DVRs and viewing software combine to offer the best in mobile video surveillance.

Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI) introduces a new product line, the HD Series DVR. The HD400 and HD800 DVRs integrate convenient SD card and USB ports, and provide the ability to update the hardware operating system using the USB drive. The DVRs incorporate H.264 advanced video compression allowing increased record time, ultimately storing more video, audio and vehicle data on the SD card or hard drive. Choose from a variety of hard drives: 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB.

REI is simultaneously releasing a new version of the BUS-WATCH viewing software - A.R.M.O.R.-VMS. REI’s A.R.M.O.R.-VMS is even more user-friendly and packed with features such as license plate capture, integrated Google mapping technology, privacy blurring tool, increased recording/storage space, enhanced search features, multiple live views, integrated AVL packages, and variable quality/resolution settings.

The enhanced A.R.M.O.R.-VMS and new BUS-WATCH DVRs, coupled with REI’s reputation for quality and service, provide a superior mobile video surveillance system.