VDO ViewGate Display Provides Gateway To Improved Operator Information, Safety and Comfort

Dec. 6, 2011
Intelligent information display integrates and prioritizes data from multiple sources.

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, a provider of electronic network solutions for the transportation market, has developed an intelligent information color display that provides transit bus operators with a new gateway to better information, safety and comfort. The VDO ViewGate is an intelligent information center that eliminates cockpit clutter and helps the driver to better focus on the task of driving. It can integrate and prioritize diverse data from multiple sources and present it to the bus driver in a clear and concise manner. VDO ViewGate can be programmed to display vehicle data that is available on the J1939 CAN (or as discrete inputs) such as speeds, temperatures, pressures, fluid levels and on-board voltage and current. It can also connect Bluetooth devices and be used for telematics and fleet management. VDO ViewGate can process up to two CAN inputs at the same time, using J1939 or conventional CAN 2.0b protocols. The multimedia module has a USB port and SD card reader and enables the driver to play audio or video files, use navigation or a rearview camera and save important vehicle data on portable storage media.

VDO ViewGate's flexible and freely programmable operating system allows it to be easily customized to meet specific customer requirements, graphics criteria and HMI interfaces. VDO ViewGate can also be combined with an alarm function to alert the driver to relevant situations or specific operating conditions.

As a graphics-capable computer, VDO ViewGate can control and feed data through an 800 x 480 pixel resolution TFT display and a 152.4 x 91.4 mm (7 inch) touchscreen. It features a high-contrast resolution and a wide viewing angle, and has the capability to create the conventional look of analog dials as well as graphic display formats.