Real-Time Train Information System Integrated With “Rail Radio” Service

March 18, 2014
Improvements provide more accurate arrival estimates of trains.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company (MBCR) announced the launch of an updated “Rail Radio” service. “Rail Radio,” which provides real-time information about the status of approaching trains on car radios, is now integrated with commuter rail’s passenger train information system (PTIS), a computerized system that links real-time information from approaching trains to LED monitors at stations.

“The integration of Rail Radio and PTIS delivers real-time information directly from approaching trains to customers’ cars,” said MBTA General Manager Richard Davey. “This service gives commuter rail customers more accurate information about when their train will arrive.”

“Rail Radio provides commuter rail customers with an added level of convenience,” added Hugh Kiley MBCR general manager. “Customers can enjoy a little extra time in the comfort of their car every morning with their newspapers and coffee, without worrying about missing their train.”

The low wattage AM radio service is currently available at more than 80 MBTA commuter rail stations with over 50 parking spaces in Eastern Massachusetts.

Customers are advised to check LED monitors at their local stations the “Rail Radio” frequency in their area.