Urban Solar launches PV Stop Max

June 9, 2021
The PV Stop Max delivers security lighting and real-time bus arrival information to unsheltered bus stops.

Urban Solar has released its new signage product, the PV Stop Max.

The PV Stop Max delivers security lighting and real-time bus arrival information to unsheltered bus stops, helping to enhance safety at bus stops, reduce pass-bys and increase choice ridership. Since the system is completely standalone, Urban Solar notes the significant costs associated with trenching and cabling are eliminated.

The most powerful system in the PV Stop family, the PV Stop Max is ideal for northern locations with limited solar energy available during winter months. The PV Stop Max can power 13” and 23” e-paper real-time information signs and illuminate a large (about 200-square foot) area surrounding a bus stop pole.

The PV Stop Max includes the following features:

  • Solar array tilted at 45 to 55 degrees from horizontal for optimal year-round performance.
  • Luminaires can be oriented in any direction independent of the solar array orientation.
  • Optional ECM Connect cloud-connected managed lighting and power.
  • Long-lasting LiFePO4 battery technology; optional AGM batteries for performance in cold environments.
  • Made in the United States, Buy America compliant.
  • 10-year system warranty.
 Optional ECM ConnectTM managed lighting and power systems

ECM Connect equipped lighting systems are monitored and managed remotely by Urban Solar staff to ensure that critical infrastructure stays up and running. Maintenance staff can also check in on their lighting systems at any time and receive optional email alerts. This technology was developed specifically for solar lighting applications in partnership with Huntsville-based OutdoorLink Inc.

As well as offsetting the cost of routine site visits, ECM Connect allows for remote rebooting of digital signage and enables remote configuration of lighting profiles to maximizes light output throughout the year.

“While the PV Stop+ is ideal for most bus stop lighting applications and signage applications, some transit agencies have requested a more powerful system for northern locations or bus stops where more lighting is required,” said Eben Lindsey, director of business development, Urban Solar. “The PV Stop Max is the first ever solar system that is designed to power digital signage and provide ample security lighting in northern environments.”

“Like all new Urban Solar lighting systems, the PV Stop Max can be equipped with ECM Connect technology,” added Jeff Peters, president, Urban Solar. “Our customers asked for a managed solution that doesn’t require them to be checking in constantly on their systems; ECM Connect delivers."