Moovit expands coverage across 13 states

July 10, 2023
Moovit's expansion into an additional 168 cities in the U.S. will also add 1,372 new routes and 41,196 new stops across the country.

Moovit has expanded its coverage to 168 cities and towns across 13 U.S. states, offering better public transportation information and guidance to an additional 12 million Americans. The free Moovit app offers a total of 192 million Americans access to comprehensive urban mobility information to plan their trips and have the smoothest possible journey around their city and surrounding areas.

Moovit’s iOS, Android, and Web app is available for free to transit riders. Moovit combines information from local transit agencies, as well as crowdsourced information, to calculate the best route for each journey with urban mobility options such as bus, train, light rail, ferry, streetcar, subway, scooter, bike, Uber and more.

Users in many cities also benefit from real-time information, so customers know exactly when their bus or train is arriving, a live directions feature with Get Off Alerts to provide step-by-step guidance for the entire journey and service alerts, so customers can avoid disruptions and plan their journey accordingly. Features include the most updated transit schedules to see if networks are operating on normal or holiday schedules and reports on crowding levels enable users to avoid crowded stations and lines once events are finished.

With Moovit’s U.S. coverage expansion:

  • Moovit is available in an additional 168 U.S. cities and towns across 13 states
  • Moovit is providing access to an additional 12 million Americans; a total of 192 million Americans can now use Moovit for their transit commutes
  • 1,372 new routes and 41,196 new stops have been mapped and added to the Moovit app — totaling 13,663 routes and 1.4 million stops
  • Moovit is now offering service in an extra 50,000 square miles
  • Real-time information has been added in six regions in Greater Pennsylvania and Springfield, Mass., with more to come

“Our team has worked around the clock to be able to bring the most updated and reliable public transit information and guidance to 192 million Americans,” said Yovav Meydad, Moovit’s chief growth and marketing officer. “With seamless multimodal trip planning and robust features, Moovit is on a mission to make public transit more efficient, sustainable and accessible to as many U.S. citizens as possible. This will allow them to decrease their dependence on cars."

Moovit’s coverage expansion offers users smoother commutes within larger regions and between state lines. Examples include the ability to plan journeys throughout the entire state of Colorado; Greater Pittsburgh, which encompasses a third of Pennsylvania, and the merging of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. for more efficient trip planning in the tristate area. Other new areas where Moovit is available, such as Maui, Hawaii are standalone cities in the Moovit app.

In select cities, Moovit users can also pay for transit tickets for a seamless plan, pay and ride experience. This is offered in Buffalo N.Y., Suffolk County, N,Y., Tampa, Fla., and Columbus, Ohio, to name a few.

The full list of new cities where Moovit is available is listed on the agency's website.