The Rapid partnering with Transit App to make navigating its bus system easier

Dec. 2, 2022
App users can easily navigate all bus services in the six cities served by The Rapid, aided by the app’s many features.

The Rapid is partnering with the Transit app to make navigating its bus system easier. The free app offers features to help new and existing customers better understand traveling by bus.

 The partnership provides a top-rated mobility app free of advertising. The clean user design and experience set this app apart. When customers open this free app, they see nearby route options and departure times in big text and bright colors. App users can easily navigate all bus services in the six cities served by The Rapid, aided by the app’s many features.

“We are committed to providing an excellent customer experience and making bus riding easy for everyone,” said Deb Prato, CEO, The Rapid. “The Transit app makes trip planning easy. Customers can have confidence they are getting on the right bus at the right stop with step-by-step directions to guide them through their travel.”

Helpful features of the Transit app include:

  • Step-by-step navigation along with walking directions to bus stops
  • Subscription to service alerts like detours for users most frequent routes
  • Ability to pin users most used bus routes, so they always display at the top of the list
  • A favorite location feature for quick directions to users' home, work and other destinations
  • GO sessions to get audio or notification guidance throughout users' trip, including departure alarms, alerts when their stop is approaching, and real-time bus trackers users can see on the map
  • Trip planning with multiple route and transportation options like biking and walking
  • Option to look up directions for when users need to arrive or when they need to depart
  • A fun leaderboard feature allowing users to compete for top rider by route

“Since Guillaume and I started Transit a decade ago, our mission has been to help people get around without their own car. As the company has grown, we’ve always put public transit first, collaborating with our partners across the industry to put everything riders need together in one place,” said Sam Vermette, CEO, Transit. “By providing free Royale subscriptions to everyone who rides, we’re working hand-in-hand with our partners at The Rapid to bring the best app experience to riders.”

The Rapid’s partnership with Transit offers customers upgraded memberships to Transit Royale. This allows users to see all bus routes, unlimited bus schedules, customizable themes, as well as personalized avatars, allowing users to compete for top rider status. The Transit app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play.

“The Transit app is a fantastic service for both current customers and those interested in trying public transportation. All you have to do is download the app, plan your trip and give buses a go,” said Amanda Moore, director of communications at The Rapid. “When customers can get simple directions using the Transit app and unlimited rides for $47 per month, it’s easy to say goodbye to traffic jams and high gas prices.”

Users can use cash or The Wave card, The Rapid’s smart transit pass to pay for a ride. Adult customers receive the best value by using a Wave card or can pay $1.75 per ride with exact cash. With the Wave card, customers earn $3.50 daily and $47 calendar month passes. Wave card users also get free transfers within one hour and 45 minutes. Specialty Wave cards, like youth and reduced fare, require picture identification and can be purchased at The Rapid’s Information Center within Central Station. Adult Wave cards can be purchased online at

Under this partnership, The Rapid will receive use reports and communication customizations to better serve its customers. The reports provide insights into customer perception and travel patterns that can be used to help improve services. Also included is the ability to send quarterly notifications directly to customers via the Transit app, which will help with important communications that impact people who ride buses. 

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