Yellow and Green Taxis now available in the Transit app thanks to integration with Curb

April 1, 2021
Transit users can now get real-time arrivals for the nearest taxis, plan A-to-B trips and book taxi rides using Transit's trip planner.

Transit’s new integration with taxi mobility platform Curb has added support for yellow and green taxis in its app.

Transit users can now get real-time ETAs for the nearest taxis, plan A-to-B trips and book taxi rides using Transit's trip planner. Riders can compare taxis with a variety of other mobility options, including subways, buses, bikeshare, carshare and rideshare — and even use the app's Transit+ feature to take a taxi to or from nearby subway and rail lines as part of a multimodal trip.

Transit's taxi integration with Curb is currently live in New York City, with support for other major U.S. markets like Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia launching in the coming weeks. To celebrate, riders who use Transit to ride with Curb will receive $5 off their first ride.

The integration with Curb marks the first time taxi services in the U.S. have been made available as a mobility option on the Transit app, and cements taxis as a central part of any city's open, integrated transportation network. After a user enters their destination in Transit, the app provides a suggested route, which could combine public transit, bikeshare, rideshare or walking. By adding taxis into the mix, Transit is expanding users' mobility options and ensuring riders can choose the best route for their needs.

"Taxis don't always get the credit they deserve but the last year has shown us that taxis continue to play a central role in helping commuters and essential workers navigate cities—even in the toughest of times. No matter your destination, you can always count on a taxi to get you there safely and efficiently," said Jason Gross, vice president, Mobile at Curb. "Our integration with Transit app will make taxis more ubiquitous on the apps commuters rely on every day and allow us to provide more riders with a tried and tested transportation option."

By tapping into Curb's mobility infrastructure and expansive network of connected taxis, the Transit app displays real-time taxi information like ETAs and upfront fares so users can more accurately compare estimated trip times and prices with other options like rideshare. Curb provides riders in New York City with upfront pricing on taxi trips, giving users the confidence of knowing ahead of time exactly what they'll pay for a ride.

"If I seem excited, it's because it's hard to Curb my enthusiasm about today's news. Bringing the iconic yellow taxi together with subways and buses, all in one app, is a match made in heaven," said Jake Sion, COO at Transit. "Thanks to this partnership, riders will save precious New York minutes — and dollars, too. At Transit, our mission is to help people get around without their own cars. With this taxi integration, starting in New York and coming soon to cities across the country, we're making it easy for people to find the best way to get around."