University of Southern California receives installation of 34-bus CAD/AVL project system from ETA contract

Aug. 21, 2023
The ETA fulfilled a CAD/AVL contract project for USC in May 2023 for 34 buses installed with the Mobile Data Terminal system.

The University of Southern California (USC) has awarded ETA Transit Systems a CAD/AVL project based on the company's unique design of onboard equipment, which offers reliability and security in transit operations.

ETA's system utilizes a rugged on-board computer that is securely installed within a locked cabinet, out of reach of both bus operators and riders, which is combined with a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that is a simple touch screen monitor without any processing responsibilities.

The MDT is a user-friendly touch panel monitor designed to streamline the interaction between transit staff and the system. Unlike tablets or all-in-one computers, the MDT serves purely as an interface, devoid of any critical system intelligence. This design allows for the MDT's core functionalities of the system, including vehicle tracking, arrival predictions and data collection for reporting to remain fully operational and reliable even if the MDT is damaged or stolen.

"We are truly honored to have been chosen by the University of Southern California for this transformative CAD/AVL project," said John Maglio, president of ETA Transit Systems. "Our innovative onboard equipment design reflects our commitment to providing transit agencies with cutting-edge solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency, but also prioritize security and continuity. The trust that USC has placed in ETA Transit Systems is a testament to our dedication to excellence."

Awarded in May 2023, the 34-bus system was installed, tested and deployed within three weeks.

"After facing challenges with tablet-based MDTs in the past, we were in need of a more reliable hardware solution. ETA won our business based largely on the unique design of their onboard systems," says Marcus Arvizu, senior manager of transit operations at USC. "We were also on a very tight timeline and needed the system installed within three weeks. ETA demonstrated an ability to deploy similar projects on very aggressive schedules. I highly recommend ETA for anyone seeking a dedicated transit technology partner."