SFMTA services to gain Improved wireless connectivity

July 10, 2023
AT&T, in partnership with Boldyn Networks, will be providing an expansion on stronger 5G mobile network connectivity throughout the SFMTA service area.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will be gaining a significant coverage expansion plan through the combined efforts of AT&T and Boldyn Networks. Through this partnership, millions of passengers will be getting improved wireless connectivity across tunnels, stations, rail cars, and surrounding areas.

“At AT&T, we’re steadfast in our commitment to forging unparalleled connections for our customers, irrespective of their location,” said Marc Blakeman, president at AT&T California. “We’re thrilled to embark on this transformative collaboration with Boldyn Networks to deliver exceptional mobile experiences throughout SFMTA’s systems and communities across the Bay Area.”

“We’re excited to partner with AT&T to provide seamless and robust 5G coverage across the SFMTA network and bring improved wireless services to the city at-large”, said Christos Karmis, CEO of Boldyn Networks’ U.S. business. “Our next-generation SFMTA distributed antenna system (DAS) network is an extension of our high-density fiber footprint in the region, which delivers 5G wireless connectivity, data center access and enables connected buildings to better serve residents and businesses across the San Francisco and Bay Area.”

This initiative from SFMTA supports Bay Area Rapid Transit’s critical initiatives in delivering 5G connectivity to riders and surrounding communities, including its new digital railway project.