Moovit launches emergency mobilization on-demand to help essential workers during COVID-19

April 6, 2020
Moovit’s new shared transit solution can help public and private companies transform unused vehicle fleets into an on-demand service.

Moovit has launched its Emergency Mobilization On-Demand service, which was created for transit agencies and enterprises to use during COVID-19 outbreak to transform vehicle fleets into an on-demand service to help get critical workers to their destination without putting their health or others’ health at risk.

Moovit says the new solution has already been implemented in several cities by large corporations to shuttle employees safely to work.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the demand for public transportation around the world has plummeted. Transit agencies and operators have significantly reduced their service and have readjusted fixed routes during a rapidly changing situation. In addition, public organizations and private companies alike still need to provide essential workers, including medical professionals, supermarket employees, bank clerks, insurance agents and others, with a safe way of getting to work.

To help with this transportation need, Moovit launched its Emergency Mobilization On-Demand service to provide transit agencies and large corporations with a transportation solution that is adaptable to fast-changing needs. Moovit’s technology converts unused fleets into an on-demand transit service for key workers, while adhering to local health ministry regulations. The platform is customizable and quickly adaptable to the specific needs of any transit agency, municipality or enterprise. For example, while fleets run on-demand, the number of passengers allowed on board the vehicle at any time can be easily adjusted according to local regulations.

Riders using Moovit’s iOS or Android app, or transit agency app powered by Moovit, can request an on-demand or pre-scheduled ride, as well as select a pickup/dropoff location. Moovit’s algorithms will enable multiple riders to share the ride, with a dynamic route and schedule.

Transit agencies and operators tapping into Moovit’s Emergency Mobilization On-Demand receive an opportunity to transform their existing resources into an altered form of transportation. Moovit says operator’s control center staff will be provided with a web-based dashboard that offers a clear, easy-to-understand snapshot of their entire fleet that can be quickly acted upon.

“As a platform that millions around the world count on for public transportation and micro-mobility information and guidance, Moovit is closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus on our users and partners, agencies and private companies,” said Yovav Meydad, chief growth and marketing officer at Moovit. “We are here to help. By simply converting existing resources into an alternative mode of transportation, we can help get essential workers to their destination in a way that keeps both them and the driver safe.”