Waze announces Waze for Cities Data hosted on Google Cloud

Oct. 1, 2019
More seamless access to Waze data and analytics will help more than 1,000 global partners manage traffic and plan for the future.

Waze for Cities Data is now available on the Google Cloud platform for ready analysis, according to an announcement from Waze. The program allows more than 1,000 global partners to access anonymous Waze data collected since April 2019 to review and analyze transportation patters and create visualizations.

Waze for Cities Data, formerly known as Connected Citizens Program, launched in October 2014 with 10 city partners and has grown to more than 1,000 partners globally. This free, collaborative program leverages mobile technology and crowdsourced traffic data to empower municipalities and first responders to improve their existing city infrastructure.

“Waze has been a pioneer in sharing data with cities and working with them to improve infrastructure and fight traffic. But over the past five years, the landscape has changed. Cities have more data than ever, but they want better tools to analyze it and be able to put it to use to improve their streets. We are thrilled to provide this integration with Google Cloud that will make it even easier for our Waze for Cities partners to more seamlessly organize, store, interpret and share transportation data and insights,” said Dani Simons, head of public sector partnerships at Waze.

“Waze for Cities Data partners will no longer need to build their own tools or have different systems for different data sources. The integration with Google Cloud will make it easy to view Waze for Cities Data and layer in other transportation-related data sources to see the full picture of mobility trends in one place,” explained Sudhir Hasbe, director, Product Management at Google Cloud. 

With the availability of Waze’s Cities Data, Waze for Cities partners will have access to the data warehouse tool BigQuery and data visualization tool Data Studio. These tools will make the data easier to interpret and communicate to non-technical audiences, according to Waze. Partners can analyze up to 1TB of data and store up to 10 GB of data for free each month. With this program, partners can also securely and privately store and analyze their own data and perform their own analytics buttressed by Waze’s Cities Data. As with all Google Cloud partners and customers, Waze for Cities partners will remain in complete control of their data.  

Any public agency is eligible to apply for the program by clicking “Apply Now” on the Waze for Cities homepage. Current Waze for Cities partners will receive more information on how to integrate their existing account.