Vontas announces new product initiatives group focusing on advancing innovation of ITS products

Nov. 8, 2021
The new group is a recently formed division that aims to invest in customer-focused innovation of ITS products.

Vontas has launched a new group inside the organization dedicated to the establishment and advancement of new product initiatives. The group is supported by dedicated research and development and backed by Constellation Software and Modaxo.

In the long term, the new product initiatives' mission is to bring additional products to market based on evolving industry trends and customer needs. By collaborating closely with the product management groups who support existing products and utilizing DevOps practices, Vontas aims to build, implement and integrate these solutions back into its core business to drive sustained long-term organic growth.

“The establishment of the new product initiatives group is a step further in accomplishing what Vontas set out to do in our mission statement,” said Peter Aczel, general manager, Vontas. “To reimagine and deliver Intelligent Transportation Systems that empower communities to choose transit. It also meets our key objective to invest in customer-focused product innovation.”

Leading the group as vice president is Sebastian Vaitus. Vaitus brings 18 years of success in strategy and product development in the transportation and travel industries, and has a history of bringing new products to market.

"Sebastian’s role is critical as we look to the future of our CAD/AVL, yard management and payment products,” said Aczel. “We are excited for Sebastian to join Vontas and make an impact delivering improved, real-time functionality to our customers.”

Vaitus' results-driven personality is key to the success of the New Initiatives Group.

“I am thrilled to join Vontas and to drive the future of our intelligent transportation technology,” said Vaitus. “Using my industry insight and passion for innovation, I strive to strategically position our products to see our customers succeed.”

The new product initiatives team is dedicated to successfully bringing Vontas’ future ITS product to market, while creating space to focus on building new, innovative solutions that will fuel future growth.