Vianova helps Brussels-Capital Region integrate new forms of mobility

Nov. 12, 2019
Brussels Mobility is piloting Vianova’s services for six months.

Brussels Mobility has selected to test the services of Vianova, a data analytics platform that helps cities better integrate and manage shared transportation solutions in an urban setting, as part of a six-month pilot program.  

With the accelerated development of new urban mobility offerings such as dockless bikes and electric scooters, access to and use of the curb space has become a challenge for the Brussels-Capital Region. These new forms of mobility have potential to improve air quality in Brussels-Capital Region, and to facilitate access to low-carbon mobility for all citizens. In order for the development of these new services to be a success, Brussels Mobility says it wishes to be able to work closely and confidently with the various operators. 

As part of the "Cyclopartage" regulation, which came into effect Sept. 1, shared mobility operators must now transmit part of the mobility data generated by their services to Brussels Mobility. 

A trusted third party between the city and connected mobility operators 

Through its technological solution, Vianova will help the Brussels-Capital Region to integrate new forms of mobility within its urban space, giving it easy and transparent access to the mobility data it needs. The platform, thus made available, will enable Brussels Mobility to facilitate the integration, comparison and analysis of this data and to monitor compliance with its regulation requirements (vehicles supply, parking rules, traffic zones, etc.) by mobility operators. This digital layer between mobility operators and the  Brussels-Capital Region will allow transparent and intelligent collaboration. 

This initiative is also in line with the Brussels-Capital Region's objective of carbon neutrality by 2050. Through this project, Brussels Mobility says it wants to contribute to raising the awareness of the various mobility operators to conduct a coherent and ambitious policy on air quality and road safety in Brussels.