At Trapeze Group, they are "Keeping it Real," using real-life stories from customers about providing real-time information to passengers. A live social media wall shares stories from attendees as well as customers who were unable to make it to the show.

"Obviously that's our play on words with 'it' and 'IT,'" said Trapeze Group President John Hines.

One of the IT solutions the company is featuring at Expo is Trapeze Community Connect. "It's almost like Expedia for transit," said Meaghan Wilkinson, director of marketing. "It shows different routes in differnt counties and allows multiple agencies to  come together and pool their resources."

Added Hines: "It's in everyone's interest to share information."

Hines stressed that the solutions Trapeze offers can stand on their own, but a combination of solutions can add great value. In addition, they can be integrated with an agency's existing systems.

To learn more about Trapeze Group's IT solutions, visit Booth 532.