C-TRAN Board green lights temporary fare reduction in 2022

Dec. 16, 2021
Local and Express routes will see a 12-month reduction aimed at easing the cost of transportation on those who rely on C-TRAN for their mobility needs.

A temporary 12-month fare reduction for Local and Express routes has been approved by the C-TRAN Board of Directors and will take effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

The temporary fare reduction is primarily focused on easing the burden of transportation for those who continue to rely on C-TRAN, and for those who may return to the system during the next year. Tuesday’s board action followed extensive public outreach that included virtual and in-person open house meetings in November. Comments received from the public were overwhelmingly in favor of reducing fares. The C-TRAN Citizens Advisory Committee previously recommended moving forward with the temporary fare reduction.

The change will lower the Local bus fare from $1.80 to $1 per ride for an adult. The Adult Express fare will drop from $3.85 to $2.50 per ride. Some Honored/Youth fares will also be discounted accordingly, and the C-VAN fare will drop from $1.80 to $1. All daily and monthly caps in the Hop Fastpass system will remain unchanged. All Regional fares will also remain unchanged.

When the reduced fares take effect, Hop Fastpass cards will be automatically programmed to charge the lower amount per ride on the corresponding C-TRAN routes. Cash fares will also be accepted at the lower amount.