Trapeze and Masabi partner to make transit payments simpler, faster, more convenient

April 24, 2020
The new collaboration delivers an integrated, modern fare payment solution for Mobility-as-a-Service success.

Trapeze Group and Masabi have partnered to offer transit agencies an integrated fare payment solution to help transform the rider experience and change the way public transit agencies deliver Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to their communities.

The ideal MaaS model is driven by a platform that coordinates multiple modes of mobility to deliver an elevated rider experience. A critical element of that model is payment. By combining Masabi's fare payment platform with Trapeze's multi-modal transit technology, agencies can offer passengers seamless journeys, enabling them to go from A to B to C using multiple modes of transit and one easy-to-use payment system.

“At Masabi, we are committed to making transit as accessible and convenient for riders as possible,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO at Masabi. “Partnering with Trapeze enables us to extend the reach and impact of our fare payments platform, empowering more public transit agencies to deliver the most seamless, cost-effective passenger experiences for riders, while also giving agencies the option of a one-stop-shop for their technology needs across their fleets.”

The collaboration can help bring the benefits of Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) to agencies of all sizes. ABT is a ticketless way of enabling people to travel, allowing them to tap or scan a secure token, linked to an account in the back office, to make a journey. The location and number of taps calculates the fare, which is charged to the passenger post journey. This means riders no longer need to buy tickets, or understand fares, and can benefit from best payment policies, rewarding them the more they travel.

This ABT system leverages Trapeze’s experience deploying integrated transportation technology solutions, with Masabi's Justride platform. A one-stop model for data collection, trip planning and payment, this system integrates with other technologies to help transit agencies deliver dynamic mobility tools to riders.

The Masabi-Trapeze team provides value for transit agencies and passengers with fare payment programs, delivering:

  • A range of options for ticketing, including no tickets at all.
  • A range of fare media, from smartcards and mobile, to contactless bank cards (cEMV) and paper barcodes.
  • Cost savings through a reduction in proprietary tickets, cash handling and physical infrastructure costs.
  • Easy data collection, which allows agencies to make adjustments to their systems based on travel patterns to better serve riders.
  • A scalable and constantly improving back-office solution, which allows for future functionality to be added without extensive engineering; this means agencies can meet emerging needs from passengers and keep pace with evolving technologies.

“By teaming up with Masabi, we’re helping transit agencies offer their passengers the most efficient and easy fare payment option,” said Steve Sawyer, general manager, Trapeze Group. “More than this, agencies now have a single, go-to solution – for trip planning, easy payment and data collection, all rolled up together in a cost-efficient model. And it can be turned on now.”