moovel Partners for Landmark Account Management Application for Portland’s New Fare System

July 21, 2017
moovel North America has announced the launch of its mobile application in connection with the availability of Hop Fastpass.

moovel North America has announced the launch of its mobile application in connection with the availability of Hop Fastpass. The new electronic fare system, built by INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc. and other industry partners, is account based and allows transit riders in the Portland-Vancouver region to use contactless, cloud-based payment technology to pay for trips on TriMet and C-TRAN buses, Portland Streetcar, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and C-TRAN Vine.

The Hop Fastpass smartphone application is the second of its kind in the country and combines the power of a mobile account management app with contactless payment technology. Riders can reload their Hop Fastpass cards from their mobile device and enjoy the benefits of mobile digital account management, such as daily and monthly fare capping, stored value, auto-load, and loss prevention. moovel technology also powers the Hop Inspector application system, which enables transit police and fare inspectors to instantly confirm mobile ticket and Hop card payments.

“TriMet is committed to ensuring the best user experience for all our riders, whether they are taking the streetcar, train, or bus. Hop Fastpass makes it faster and easier to use transit by simply tapping every time a rider boards,” said Tim McHugh, chief information officer at TriMet. “We’re excited to continue our relationship with moovel and look to build on the great success we have already achieved together.”

Hop Fastpass users will enjoy the following smart card account management benefits:

  • Daily and monthly ride savings (fare capping) - Riders get the savings of a day or month pass without the upfront cost with automatic fare caps. Once they use the Hop card or smartphone app for two trips—more than 2½ hours apart—in one day and earn a day pass, the rest of that day’s rides are free. When riders reach the cost of a month pass, the rest of the rides that month are free.
  • Auto-Load & Mobile Purchasing Capabilities - Passengers can load value or schedule automated stored value top-ups on their moovel powered Hop Fastpass App, the Hop Fastpass website, or the Hop Fastpass hotline. Payment options are also available at more than 100 retail locations. In the spring of 2018, Hop Fastpass cards and reloading will be available in more than 500 retail outlets.
  • Loss Prevention & Account Management - Hop Fastpass users can log into the Hop Fastpass app or website to manage multiple cards at-a-glance for their family or a group, see trip and transaction history and deactivate/reactivate a lost or stolen card.
  • Closed and Open Loop Payment Enablement - Hop Fastpass riders simply tap their card to a fare reader every time they board or transfer to draw from closed loop stored value. Coming soon, riders can also pay their fare with Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay directly from their smartphone.
  • Fare Inspection - moovel’s Hop Inspector system allows fare inspection personnel and transit police to verify a rider’s valid fare payment using Hop Fastpass cards, smartphone with mobile wallets connected to bank cards, QR codes from the TriMet Tickets app and limited use Hop tickets. 

“Hop Fastpass combines the power of our award-winning mobile ticketing app with advanced tap-and-pay contactless technology,” said Nat Parker, CEO of moovel North America. “Fare systems must evolve alongside rider preferences and technology innovation. Our devotion to both is why riders around the world use moovel apps to book and pay for one mobility service every two seconds.”

Hop Fastpass is the most recent technology innovation amongst the long time public-private transit innovation partners. In 2012, moovel built the TriMet Tickets app, which won an AdWheel award in 2014 from the American Public Transit Association.