In addition to card readers being installed on buses, Presto continues to arrive at more subway stations. Thirty-two stations now have Presto, six of which also have new fare gates.

Presto is a good option for adult customers who currently pay with tokens, or cash and use Presto-enabled subway stations and/or travel by streetcar or on bus routes that have Presto.

While Presto may be the right option for customers traveling on routes with Presto, those planning on using a bus on a route without Presto, or entering a subway station that does not yet have Presto, will still need to carry tokens or cash.

During this transition, TTC customers are advised that if a bus or streetcar shows up and the Presto readers are out of service, they may still board, however they are asked to tap their card at their next point of entry into the system. If a bus arrives with no Presto readers, customers must pay by token, ticket or cash.

As well, the transition of Metropasses and other pass products to Presto will begin in mid-2017 when pass products become available. Other priorities for the Presto roll-out in 2017 include completing the installation of the new paddle-style fare gates, including accessible fare gates, at all subway station entrances; phasing out tokens and tickets; introducing concession fare products; and the introduction of a new subway station customer service model where collector booths will be closed and customer service agents will be in the station to assist customers with their travel needs, including Presto fare information and providing information or helping customers navigate the TTC and city.