ASK-intTag Contactless Paper Tickets in Southern California for Seamless Transportation

June 18, 2013
ASK-intTag, the US-based subsidiary of ASK, has delivered TAP-compatible contactless paper tickets for Metrolink riders to transfer seamlessly to the Metro Rail Lines in Los Angeles.

ASK-intTag, the US-based subsidiary of ASK, has delivered TAP-compatible contactless paper tickets for Metrolink riders to transfer seamlessly to the Metro Rail Lines in Los Angeles.

ASK offers transit operators an alternative to other technologies. With contactless cards and contactless paper tickets, transit authorities are able to address both their subscribers and occasional users within the same fare collection network. ASKintTag tickets are encoded at the company’s Vermont site which is set up with security levels required for production of the identification documents such as passports or ID cards.

“TAP-enabled tickets and passes contain an embedded smart chip that will allow Metrolink riders to continue to enjoy a seamless connection to Metro’s rail system,” said Metrolink Chief Administrative Officer Robert Turnauckas. “ASK, in addition to being the inventor of the product with tens of millions of units delivered worldwide, holds a U.S. manufacturing site with the security level we requested. It was a real asset in our selection process. ASK was integral in making this project a success.”

TAP enabled tickets are available at Metrolink Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) to allow passage through Metro’s turnstiles leading to Metro Rails lines and stations, making the journey seamless for all Metro and Metrolink passengers.