American Express Contactless Cards Are Now Accepted at all PATCO Gates and Parking Terminals

July 11, 2012
PATCO open payment program continues to yield valuable information for the future of transit payment systems.

The open payment program between PATCO (Port Authority Transit Corp,) and Cubic Transportation Systems Inc., expands with the acceptance of American Express contactless payment cards at all PATCO gates and parking terminals. Now, riders will be able to use American Express contactless payment cards, as well as cards from other major payment networks to make secure transit payments at PATCO.

Cubic officials said that while the expansion of the PATCO open payment program will result in riders carrying fewer plastic payment cards in their purses and wallets and will move riders through PATCO’s stations faster than ever, there is another benefit to the program.

“The expansion of the PATCO program is enabling Cubic to gain tremendous technical information on deploying and operating contactless payment systems in other transit systems,” said Steve Shewmaker, president, Cubic Transportation Systems Worldwide. “The people of New Jersey and Pennsylvania who ride PATCO are helping to design the transit payments systems of the future.”

“American Express is committed to enabling the next generation of payments for our merchants and Cardmembers,” says Patricia Partelow, vice president, New Product Development for American Express’ Global Network Business. “Contactless transit payments are gaining momentum, and we are excited to partner with PATCO and Cubic on their contactless transit program. American Express Cardmembers with contactless cards will benefit from this new technology that enables faster and more convenient payments at PATCO gates and parking terminals.”

“PATCO continues to be impressed by the hard work and technical know-how that Cubic is bringing to our system,” said Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) CEO and PATCO President John J. Matheussen. “We’re proud to know that information gathered here will be used to improve the transit station experience of riders all over the world in the coming years.”

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