CTDOT renews subscription to Transit Royale

Feb. 15, 2024
The CTDOT has sponsored another year of Transit Royale, which is free and automatically applies to all current and new frequent users of the Transit app.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) will continue providing Connecticut residents with another year of Transit Royale, a premium version of the mobile app Transit after renewing its subscription with the app.

The upgrade is free and automatically applied for all current and new frequent users of the Transit app. CTDOT first sponsored a statewide subscription to Transit Royale in February 2023 and is one of only two states in the U.S. to upgrade customers on a statewide level. 

Transit is a free mobile app that helps customers plan and track their bus and train trips using schedule information and real-time vehicle locations, where available. In certain parts of Connecticut, riders can also use mobile ticketing in the Transit app.

With Transit Royale, users of the Transit app can:

  • Access routes outside of their immediate area without encountering a paywall
  • Plan trips in advance
  • Choose a custom avatar and nickname
  • Select custom themes and icons for locations such as home, work and school
  • Compete with fellow riders and move up the leaderboard by sharing real-time bus and train information with other app users, gaining a point for each rider helped
  • Toggle on app branding with the CTDOT logo and colors

Highlights from the first year of Transit Royale in Connecticut: 

  • Increase from approximately 39,500 to 77,000 monthly active users (plus 95 percent) of the Transit app statewide
  • Six new transit district services were added in the Transit app, including River Valley Transit, Norwalk Transit District, Southeast Area Transit District, Windham Region Transit District, UConn HuskyGO shuttles and Housatonic Area Regional Transit
  • Mobile ticketing through Token Transit was introduced in the Transit app for CTtransit branded services, RVT and WRTD

2024 highlights and lookahead: 

  • Ridership Happiness Benchmark surveys will be offered quarterly in the app. The first survey is up until Feb. 20, 2024. 
  • Every fixed-route bus service provider in Connecticut is in the Transit app. Customers will be able to view bus route and schedule information for the entire state in a single app.
  • Mobile ticketing for Norwalk Transit District is now available in the Transit app.
  • CTtransit branded services will introduce rider alerts and detour notifications through the Transit app

“We’re thrilled to see the increased usage of the Transit app from customers across Connecticut,” said CTDOT Bureau Chief of Public Transportation Benjamin Limmer. “Our partnership with the Transit app enhances the customer experience for thousands of individuals throughout our public transit system by providing transit options and information in a fun and easy format.”