Vix Technology launches new contactless payment service for Metrolink

July 16, 2019

Vix Technology has launched a new contactless EMV payment service after completing a pilot phase for the Metrolink network in Greater Manchester.

Vix Whisper, the cloud-based PCI-DSS-certified service, was trialed by 500 users who used Visa and Mastercard along with ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsunPay. The company worked closely with TfGM to deliver this new payment system.
Vix Whisper serves as a secure middle office environment for the processing of EMV data from front office devices, engaging with banking services provided by acquirers and handling the secure exchange of transit-related data with the back office.
The service has been developed for transit operators that are looking to launch cEMV payment services alongside their existing ticketing systems. In Manchester, the contactless service is utilizing Vix Technology’s PCP6100 platform validators. Vix Whisper has been architected to be deployed as an “add on” to operators’ existing card-based AFC solutions.
The system is also back office agnostic, enabling it to integrate with existing automated fare collection systems through a series of APIs. Vix Whisper also supports multiple modes, fare types, point to point, distance based and zonal travel, and enables configurable caps to ensure passengers get the best value travel.
Michael Hart, business development director at Vix Technology said, “The new system enables Metrolink passengers to simply touch-in and touch-out at the start and end of their journey, automatically working out the total daily fare for customers, ultimately reaching a cap of no more than an adult 1-day travelcard price. With existing complex payment options acting as a barrier to transit, contactless payments will make travel by Metrolink easier, improving access to jobs, leisure and education opportunities across the Greater Manchester area.”
Vix Technology can also provide a full end to end contactless payments service, including front end devices and back office systems. Vix has been designing, delivering, operating and maintaining some of the world’s leading transit ticketing systems for the past 30 years. With innovative smart booking, ticketing and secure payment systems, Vix has helped make public transport more accessible and more cost effective to operate, according to the company.