TransLink offering new way to pay for transit throughout Metro Vancouver

Jan. 11, 2023
TransLink customers can now pay for transit using Interac Debit, making TransLink the first transit agency in Canada to fully integrate contactless Interac Debit payments systemwide.

TransLink customers can now pay for transit using Interac Debit on every bus and at every fare gate throughout Metro Vancouver. This makes TransLink the first transit agency in Canada to fully integrate contactless Interac Debit payments systemwide.

As part of TransLink’s Customer Experience Action Plan – TransLink, Interac, Moneris and Cubic Transportation Systems upgraded more than 5,000 Compass Readers throughout TransLink’s system to make transit payments more convenient.

The upgrade allows customers to board transit by using Interac Debit with physical cards or through smartphone digital wallets. This allows customers to pay for transit more easily without having to use an in-station Compass Vending Machine or having to pre-load a Compass product with stored value.

Interac Debit payments is one more addition to the suite of available payment options for TransLink customers. Transit users can also pay with contactless credit cards, digital wallets, Compass Cards, Compass Wristbands and Compass Minis.

Regional data from participants of a recent Interac Canada-wide survey found a growing number of British Columbians want more convenient contactless payment options for transit:

  • 66 percent see debit as a convenient way to pay for transit.
  • 64 percent claimed tap payments would save time when paying fares.
  • 56 percent would be interested in using debit or credit cards to pay for their trips if they had the option.
  • 69 percent believe it would be easier for visitors to pay for transit using their bank card as opposed to tickets, tokens or passes.

“We’re focused on making transit more convenient for customers, and this upgrade will particularly benefit those who may not have easy access to a credit card. We were the first transit agency in the country to implement contactless credit card payments, and we’re proud to be the first transit system in Canada to implement contactless Interac Debit payments systemwide as well,” said Kevin Quinn, CEO, TransLink.

“When transit authorities add Interac Debit to their networks, they are offering riders a form of payment that almost 30 million Canadians already use for day-to-day purchases. Tap to Pay offers riders a convenient way to pay their fares directly with Interac Debit without having to pre-purchase a separate transit card. Our recent survey data showed us that 85 percent of British Columbians agreed paying for transit should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee. This announcement helps to make that a reality,” said William Keliehor, chief commercial officer, Interac Corp.

“Adding Interac Debit to the list of accepted payment methods is a big step forward in contactless innovation. A diverse set of payment options enable Metro Vancouver transit riders to bring and pay with the credential that best suits their needs, further enabling frictionless travel,” said Matt Newsome, senior vice president and general manager, Cubic Transportation Systems.

“Moneris is proud to work with local transit authorities like TransLink to improve the overall rider experience. Simplifying the fare payment process using the Moneris Open Payment for Transit solution to make it more accessible and easier means local riders in B.C. and visitors from other provinces can enjoy fewer bottlenecks at fare collection and smoother rider flow,” said Patrick Diab, chief product and partnerships officer, Moneris.