Pace Suburban Bus awards fare box contract to Genfare

Oct. 12, 2022
Pace fare collection project will ensure all riders have equitable access to Pace services.

Genfare, a subsidiary of SPX Technologies, has been awarded a contract from Pace Suburban Bus for its Farebox System Replacement Project. 

The Pace fare collection project will be completed in partnership with Lyons View Manufacturing. It will help support more than 160 local Illinois companies with more than 10,000 employees who currently help supply material and services to Genfare. Genfare is proud to continue its partnership with Pace, which began in 1994 when Genfare installed Pace’s current farebox system.

“The systematic repair and replacement of transit bus fare boxes throughout our region is essential to ensure all riders have equitable access to Pace services. While we have innovative fare options like Ventra, we know that option doesn't work for all of our passengers so it's important to preserve a cash fare payment option for the communities we serve,” said Pace Executive Director Melinda Metzger.

“Genfare is proud to help drive equitable mobility with Pace and provide proven domestically manufactured technology but also strengthen the local Illinois labor community,” stated Eric Kaled, Genfare president. “Our cloud-based fare collection platform, Genfare Link, combined with proven domestically manufactured hardware technology, help Pace simplify and positively impact the riders’ experience.”

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