February Product Focus: Fare Collection

Feb. 10, 2017

Init Innovations in Transportation Inc.

PROXmobil3 Passenger Terminal

Init’s full range of fare collection and revenue management solutions support all your tasks and allow you to take full economic advantage of an integrated fare management and CAD/AVL system. Our solutions give you the flexibility to reduce boarding times, increases punctuality and decrease your workload. 

Jan Lesser, [email protected]



ProxiLab Quest

ProxiLab Quest includes a range of essential tests as preconfigured scenarios. These scenarios enable single-click access to advanced performance tests such as card EMD profiling, Shmoo generation, card/reader waveform analysis, true-waveform signal replay and resonance frequency/Q factor.

Steve Gussenhoven, [email protected]



BaltimoreLink Trip Planner

The BaltimoreLink Trip Planner is a fully branded route comparison tool, allowing riders to plan their trip quickly and see in real time the differences between the current MTA system and proposed routes.

Emily Wilson, [email protected]


moovel North America; Tozny

Atlanta Streetcar App

The Atlanta Streetcar app allows mobile ticket purchasing and fare validation for riders of the Streetcar. Users can easily create an account, purchase tickets and use their mobile devices to validate that they have paid their fares for rides.

Patti Kelly, [email protected]



Masterpass + MTA e-Tix Mobile

Through Masterpass Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road riders can now purchase tickets with the MTA eTix app on any iOS or Android device. Masterpass securely stores all card details, from the consumer’s chosen Mastercard or other network branded card.

Sarah Ely, [email protected]


Scheidt & Bachmann

Account Based Ticketing with Optional BiBo

Expanding globally implemented account-based ticketing offerings to include BiBo for both legacy and new fare collection implementations. This will provide customers a frictionless transit experience and allow them to travel without having to pull out their mobile phones, contactless cards or touch wearable devices. 

Richard Simpson, [email protected]