February Product Feature: Fare Collection

Feb. 9, 2016

Company: INIT Innovations in Transportation

Product: PROXmobil2

Secure, convenient, passenger-friendly. Your passengers require options when it comes to their fare payment choices. PROXmobil2 is the versatile passenger terminal for every ticketing application. Smart cards, mobile tickets, account-based and credit card payments — PROXmobil2 can handle them all. Automatic fare calculation based on best price or distance traveled is a convenient and desirable benefit PROXmobil2 provides. The intelligent terminal can be operated as a mobile, stand-alone solution or as a stationary device for use on platforms.

Contact: Scott Walsh, [email protected]


Company: Handheld Group

Product: Nautiz eTicket Pro II

The Nautiz eTicket Pro II is a mobile ticket validation and fare collection device for the public transportation industry. The Nautiz eTicket Pro II portable ticketing device and data collector features a built-in Arcontia smart card reader and a high-performance 2D imager. The device weighs 335 grams and is built for use in outdoor and industrial environmental conditions, including rain. By offering the customer’s choice of Android 4.2 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Handheld will allow even more agencies and users to experience fast and secure ticketing transactions with the Nautiz eTicket Pro II.

Contact: [email protected]


Company: Cardtek

Product: ETM (EMV Transit Management)

Smart transportation solutions provide dynamic cost measurement; faster integration with banking systems and significantly improve fare collection on behalf of carriers; eliminate ticket purchasing lines; and reduce the costs for ticketing appliances, offering a beneficial solution for city officials. Cardtek's smart city solutions enable a user-friendly infrastructure, bring a wide-range of opportunities for both mobile and transportation operators, while offering North American municipalities the ultimate technology to solve the crucial issues inner city transportation systems bring, due to rising populations in urban areas. 

Contact: Erdal Yazmaci, [email protected]


Company: Accenture

Product: Accenture Fare Management System (AFMS)

Accenture reveals the latest advancement in fare collection products and technologies to take advantage of the cost efficiencies associated with a single implementation approach. The Accenture Fare Management System (AFMS) encompasses the convenience of new mobile payment approaches while at the same time reducing maintenance and operations costs. The AFMS accomplishes this through less cards, less cash payments, better asset utilization and reduction in the cost of maintenance and operations by implementing a more flexible system. Through the AFMS regional partners will have access to a flexible platform to source devices and take advantage of industry-leading commercial software.

Contact:  Sandra Nelson, [email protected]