Top 40 Under 40 2014: Trevor Findley

Sept. 22, 2014
Trevor Findley, Sr. Project Manager, Electronic Payment Systems, CH2M Hill

Trevor Findley has more than 10 years of industry experience and has dedicated his career to improving transit and rail agencies’ ticket selling and collection operations. His broad capabilities have been demonstrated through his project management and system architect in electronic payment and smart card system designs. He is recognized within the industry as a leader in specification development, communications planning, real-time transaction processing, business rules development, and integration of emerging technologies.

Throughout the year, Findley participates in number of speaking engagements. Most recently he spoke on the challenges of open payments in transit, and moderated a related roundtable discussion, at the Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah and gave a presentation on mobile payment best practices at WIMA USA in San Francisco, California.

Findley has been responsible for oversight of the successful delivery of many multi-million dollar fare collection projects. He has provided technical subject expertise in electronic payment system design based on his extensive knowledge of smart card technologies and standards (e.g., ISO 14443, ISO 7816, and EMV), business rules development, and the deployment financial processing systems. He has also authored specifications for complex fare systems deployed in multi-agency, multi-application environments. His contributions to the industry are felt throughout the U.S.

Findley began his transit career as a technical resource on the San Francisco Bay Area’s Clipper program, the universal fare payment system for up to 28 transit agencies across the San Francisco Bay Area. His strong technical and project management skills quickly earned him the project manager position of this multi-million dollar program. He was the project manager for Pace Suburban Bus and deputy project manager for the Chicago Transit Authority, in delivery of the Ventra contactless payment system project, the first major account-based transit open payment system deployed in the United States.

The Ventra fare system allows CTA and Pace customers to pay fares on buses and rail using bank-issued credit and debit cards, agency-branded general purpose reloadable pre-paid debit cards, and near field communication-equipped cell phones.

As the system architect/implementation manager for the TriMet’s electronic fare system, Findley led the concept of operations and technical specifications development activities. Led by TriMet, the transit agencies of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, are procuring a new regional account-based open payment electronic fare system.

Currently Findley is the project manager for the Honolulu Fare Collection Study, assisting the city and county of Honolulu, Oahu Transit Services, and the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit, design a next-generation fare collection system to support seamless travel between bus, paratransit and the new rail system currently under construction. He is working with the agencies and local policymakers to develop a technology solution that is custom tailored to the island’s unique operating environment, and develop a fully integrated fare policy that encourages transit use across all modes.

“I enjoy traveling and working on a wide variety of transit projects. I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people coming from all types of backgrounds.”

“People depend on transit as part of their everyday lives. Making it better, even in a small way, is something that’s easy to feel good about.”

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