Accenture Brings Focus on Customer Analytics

Oct. 5, 2011
Accenture Customer Insight allows transit agencies to learn more about their ridership.

Accenture Customer Insight is an intuitive business intelligence solution to understanding customer behavior and the foundation to becoming a customer-infused company.

"We look at the trends we're seeing globally - ease of access, incentives for their ridership loyalty," said Michael Wilson, managing director, public transportation North America. "Our view is that the whole aspect of better understanding customers can add tremendous value."

Accenture Customer Insight gives companies a distinct competitive advantage. It increases sales and loyalty by building marketing and merchandising strategies on deep customer knowledge. With Accenture Customer Insight, business users across the organization perform precise customer analyses, create unique customer and location segments, and visualize answers to their key questions about customer behaviors.

"By showing your customers you're interested in what they want, you can improve other possibly negative service perceptions that might exist," Wilson said.

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