Amtrak makes ADA upgrades to Jefferson City station

Sept. 22, 2023
The $1.4 million project featured the installation of a new platform, along with ramps, new signage, better lighting and guardrails, as well as a new connection to the public right of way.

Amtrak has upgraded its Jefferson City station. The $1.4 million project brought a series of accessibility improvements in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A new platform was installed, along with ramps, new signage, better lighting and guardrails, as well as a new connection to the public right of way.

The Amtrak Missouri River Runner travels between St. Louis and Kansas City, Miss., with stops in Jefferson City twice daily eastbound and westbound.

To replace the former asphalt platform, a 325-foot-long concrete platform was constructed, eight inches above top of rail, which will provide a level surface for wheeled mobility device users with a tactile detectable warning system along the full platform length with a focus on passengers with vision disabilities. The new concrete ramp and landing near Jefferson Street provides an accessible path of travel to the new platform, with a second ramp located at the west end of the platform.

In consultation with the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office, LED pole-mounted light fixtures were installed on the platform and pathways to provide newly lit and safer spaces and designed to also complement the historic fabric of the site and style of the surrounding streetlights.

“Making our stations accessible to all customers is a priority and we’re actively performing construction, renovation, repair and upgrade projects at stations across our national network,” said Amtrak Vice President Dr. David Handera. “We want Jefferson City and all of our stations to be a welcoming and comfortable environment to all of our customers.”

“We are well aware that as the Capital City, it is important that citizens be able to access state government and other facilities in our beautiful city. Amtrak is a critical piece of our transportation infrastructure,” said Jefferson City Mayor Ron Fitzwater. “We are excited for the enhancement to facilities here in Jefferson City."

Jefferson City is staffed daily by a dedicated group of volunteers using a temporary facility until the state-owned historic building normally used as a station can be reopened. Amtrak operates the Missouri River Runner under a contract with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

“At MoDOT, we are proud to have a partnership with Amtrak and communities across the state,” said MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna, as he congratulated the city and thanked Amtrak. This route supports thousands of jobs and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity for this state."

Amtrak has invested $793 million since 2011 in accessibility upgrades and improvement projects at 118 stations across the national network to ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable travel experience for customers with disabilities. The improvements include repairs and upgrades to platforms, ramps and sidewalks, renovations to entranceways and restrooms, with 20 stations brought into ADA compliance last year. Another 20 stations are targeted for completion this fiscal year at a forecasted investment of $125 million.