Community Transit makes significant progress on Swift Orange Line

April 20, 2023
Crews have started working at seven of the 10 new Swift stations along the corridor; some of the locations are nearly complete.

Community Transit has made significant progress on the Swift Orange Line since beginning construction in 2022. Crews have started working at seven of the 10 new Swift stations along the corridor. Some of the locations are nearly complete.

Crews recently installed the bus shelters at the new Swift Blue Line station at Highway 99 and 196th St. This station is being installed on the Swift Blue Line to serve as a connection between Swift Blue and Swift Orange. Digital signage and information displays are coming soon.

The stations at 33rd Ave. West, 36th Ave. West, and Lynnwood Transit Center are nearly complete. Community Transit will install new bus shelters and other station amenities in the coming weeks. These stations, like other Swift Orange stations, will feature many new amenities to improve the ridership experience and accessibility, such as the bus shelter, signage and ORCA card readers.

Crews will soon begin pouring concrete for bus stops at several stations, including Edmonds College and 164th St. and Larch Way.

At Swamp Creek Park & Ride and North Road and 164th St. crews are working to move utilities, so Community Transit can begin building the station platforms.

Crews are upgrading connections at McCollum Park Park & Ride. In coming weeks, crews will demolish the existing transit loop.

The Swift Orange Line is Community Transit’s third Swift bus rapid transit line and will provide customers with east-west connectivity across southern Snohomish County, linking Mill Creek and Lynnwood, with stops at many popular destinations, including Alderwood Mall and Edmonds College. Customers will also have access to the Sound Transit Link light rail once it extends to Lynnwood.

Swift Orange Line service starts in 2024.