Urban Solar Releases Next Generation Stand Alone Solar LED PV-Stop

Jan. 30, 2018
Urban Solar has announced a new and more efficient version of the ‘PV-Stop’ stand alone solar LED lighting system for bus stops.

The next generation PV-Stop incorporates the latest, best in class, most efficient LED technology and a new LED driver design to enable up to double the light output.

“At Urban Solar we continue to incorporate the latest technical innovations into our solar lighting solutions while maintaining the highest reliability and performance,” said Urban Solar VP of Engineering and Operations Garnet Luick. “The increased brightness will allow our customers to provide a greater amount of safety lighting for their end users.”

The PV-Stop includes the following attributes:

  • Choice of 5W or 10W design
  • Manual or Automatic LED activation
  • UL listed E471368
  • High efficiency 5000K LEDs
  • Custom branding options
  • Industry leading five-year warranty

The PV-Stop is available to agencies and cities worldwide looking to maximize efficiency and safety at bus stops. The PV-Stop is configurable with several additional operating features depending on your specific safety lighting and stop branding preferences.