December 2018/January 2019 Products Feature: Shelters/Stations

Dec. 17, 2018
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Tolar Manufacturing
SmartPlace Transit Shelters

According to multiple transit agency surveys, providing timely and accurate information directly at bus and rail stops, as well as nighttime security lighting, is key to increasing passenger confidence and ridership. Enter Tolar’s SmartPlace transit shelters, which provide advanced technology solutions that create a Sense of Place for passengers.

One such project incorporates Tolar’s SmartPlace shelters into a five-year contract with OmniTrans in San Bernardino, California. Seventeen-foot agency-branded SmartPlace shelters include solar into a custom radius roof helping to power two-line, low-draw LED, real-time passenger information located within a two-door media display kiosk. The data passengers are increasingly obtaining from their mobile devices is supported by accurate, real-time information provided directly at the stop, driving passenger confidence up, knowing that the bus is on its way.

The SmartPlace transit shelters incorporate purpose-driven, reliably-designed solar solutions. Designed by the combined expertise of Tolar Manufacturing and Urban Solar, the performance and system reliability of the SmartPlace solar solution incorporates no less than 10 years of NASA solar data for custom scaling to specific geographic locations and is paired with a proprietary proactive autonomous smart controller the result of which is a customized, UL-listed solution tailored to meet the very specific requirements of SmartPlace shelters, from security lighting to real-time information.

Other technological amenities that SmartPlace transit shelters address to meet growing passenger expectations include oversize digital displays and free-standing digital kiosks, USB charging stations, closed-caption cameras, and emergency call boxes.

Tolar Manufacturing
Signature Custom Transit Station Shelters

Tolar Manufacturing works alongside many colleges and universities to support public transit on campuses across North America.

Recently, the manufacturer designed and fabricated 16-ft shelters adapted from its Signature Custom line to form a transit station located in front of Los Angeles Southwest College. The community college is also the site of Middle College High School, part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Students travel from a wide service area and rely on a safe, comfortable and well-lit place to wait before and after their day and night classes.

An important element of the project was illuminating the stations with environmentally-responsible solar powered lighting. Working closely with the school’s project architect, the Tolar team created a solution that serves the transportation needs of the school’s growing enrollment, both day and night, while meeting site restrictions. Importantly, the Signature shelters incorporate the school’s powerfully branded identity through the use of school colors, logo and architectural elements, creating a Sense of Place for students that transcends from the campus to the bus stop.

Other environmentally-friendly features include a custom powder coat finish that emits minimal VOC’s into the local environment and seating that features HDPE slats around an architectural aluminum frame.

CHK America

Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop

Depending on how much information customers want to display, they have a choice between 10-, 13- and 32-inch displays. The displays are solar-powered, and provide real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts.Customers are able to transform the Digital Bus Stop to match your brand.  The  companies’ designers will work          will work with you to tailor the look and feel of the product.The Digital Bus Stop is highly adaptable and works in a variety of outdoor environments.

Scheidt & Bachmann
FareGo ViTA

FareGo Virtual Ticket Agent (ViTA) supports transport operators in improving customers experience when buying a ticket at a ticket vending machine. FareGo ViTA transforms FareGo ticket vending machines (TVMs) into fully operational ticket agencies, offering passengers face-to-face remote assistance via live-chat functionalities to help them buy their tickets. Besides simple advice ticket clerks can also remotely control the TVM’s user interface. 

FareGo ViTA extends the proven concept of self-service ticket vending machines with video and audio transmission as well as remote functionalities, making competent ticket clerks available wherever and whenever their assistance is needed. FareGo ViTA was developed with a focus on the smooth implementation into existing fare collection systems. This makes it an ideal solution for transportation companies planning to improve their ticket sales without the costly and time-consuming acquisition of new devices.