July/August Product Feature: At the Stops and Stations

Aug. 15, 2016



The graceful lines and modern laser cut design makes the Veloport stand out while still offering the security and durability you need in your long-term bike parking. Each bay of this all-metal, modular bike locker parks one bicycle on a lockable tray that helps guide the bike into the port. Perfect for a bike commuter’s first and last mile, connecting people to transit and keeping bikes safe while they’re at work or school.

Stephanie Beebe, [email protected]



Tork EasyCube

Tork EasyCube uses web-enabled sensors to provide live information from each connected washroom dispenser to deliver real-time data. Tork EasyCube allows users to confidently deliver a high-quality service and anticipate cleaning and refill needs before products run out. This technology offers real-time restroom traffic and usage data with 24/7 visibility — ultimately helping reduce the number of restroom complaints as well as increase overall tenant and customer satisfaction.

Jimy Baynum, [email protected]


CycleSafe Inc.

Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack

For maximum bike parking capacity, the Quad Hi-Density Rack offers space-efficient bike parking with two-tier capacity for ease of placement, removal and security without crowding bikes and knocking handlebars. Minimal moving parts increase access aisles with less maintenance and quicker loading features. These racks are the perfect solution for bike rooms, parking garages or covered bike parking when combined with our bike canopies for underutilized spaces.

Susan Hartger, [email protected]


Trapeze Group

Trapeze EZTVM

Trapeze’s self-service ticket vending machines are the latest generation of faring solutions designed for public transit passengers. The easy-to-use touchscreen user interface makes the process fast and intuitive — and the technology integrates with Trapeze’s EZFare suite of products.

Floyd Diaz, [email protected]


Alpina Manufacturing LLC (Fast Change Frames)

Cloudlight — Alpina’s LED Lightbox Frame

Cloudlight frames are the latest in edge lit LED technology. Smooth, bright light, without dizzying dots or criss-cross etched lines found in older technology LED frames. Cloudlight frames emit high intensity light for every pixel of graphic, allowing perfectly even “cloud-like” light. The thin (.90-inch) frames deliver a long life (50,000 hours) and energy savings. Each frame is custom cut and assembled, available in 4 widths and 15 colors. Alpina’s frames are easy to install — just hang and plug in either indoor or dry outdoor areas.

Becky Hines or Nick Dinunzio, [email protected]


Urban Solar

PV-Stop Bright Up

The PV-Stop Bright Up provides dusk to dawn illumination along with a button-activated security light. This self-contained solar lighting system is UL certified for safety, mounts to standard transit flag poles, and is customizable with decals and agency matching color options.  

Ben Guriel, [email protected]


Duo-Gard Industries

BRT Shelters and Amenities

Whether custom or standard, these transit shelters integrate the latest styles, materials and amenities for a comprehensive solution to community concerns. These include safety and security with closed-circuit cameras and solar LED systems. Advanced heating and cooling systems for increased comfort. Seating from recycled materials plus upgrades in wood and resins. Wayfinding with more information and more backlighting for visual impact. Branding elements for visual distinction. Secure bicycle parking and storage solutions.

Kevin Chown, [email protected]


Rubbermaid Commercial Products


The Configure decorative refuse containers provide a customizable recycling solution with sleek, smooth surfaces and contoured edges. This recycling system has a modern appearance that will fit seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor commercial environment. As an adaptable recycling system, Configure can be tailored to fit any desired look and environment. Choose from 4 sizes, 4 lid options and 7 waste stream labels along with more than 230 color choices to suit the unique recycling needs of any facility.

Virginia Mayo, [email protected]


Palram Americas

Palsun Polycarbonate

Palsun polycarbonate sheets offer glass-like clarity, high-impact resistance, and can withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas. The UV-protected sheets have exceptional weather and UV resistance. Available with an abrasion-resistant coating that resists vandalism and graffiti, Palsun is an ideal substrate for passenger waiting shelters, windscreens, covered walkways, canopies and outdoor signage.

Joe Denlinger, [email protected]


CHK America

Connectpoint 32-inch Digital Bus Stop

The ConnectPoint 32-inch Digital Bus Stop features a high resolution E-Ink based screen that provides enormous messaging flexibility. The 180 degree viewing angle provides perfect clarity from any angle, with edge lighting for crystal clear readability, any hour of the day or night. The ConnectPoint 32-inch digital bus stop is easy to install and can be wired for electricity or can be solar powered and is managed remotely. It is also modular, allowing for additional screens to be added as desired, all managed from a single backend system. The devices are equipped with Wi-Fi or Cellular for connectivity.

Brian Frank, [email protected]


Tolar Manufacturing

Transit Shelters

Tolar Manufacturing’s BRT Series bus shelters provide a distinctive “sense of place” for transit passengers with purpose-driven designs, sturdy fabrication and customized branding. As with all of Tolar’s distinctive, award-winning bus shelter solutions created over the last 25 years, clients can add multiple amenities from abuse-deterrent benches to industry-leading solar lighting levels to technology integration such as charging stations and electronic information/schedule displays. Creating durable outdoor structures that reflect the character of a community.

Patrick Merrick, [email protected]