Denver RTD contractor conducting repairs on Nine Mile Park-n-Ride

Feb. 10, 2021
The project will take place from Feb. 10 to April 30.

The Denver Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) Nine Mile parking garage will undergo structural repairs to various elements from Feb. 10 to April 30.

During this time, the entire third level and part of the second level of the parking deck will be closed for repairs. Customers will not be allowed to park in any area that is blocked off.

“This work is important to keep RTD facilities in a state of good repair,” said Assistant General Manager of Capital Programs Henry Stopplecamp. "While some capital programs repair work has been deterred due to the agency's budget constraints, this repair is necessary. Since there are fewer customers using the parking structure because of the pandemic, this is an ideal time to do this critical work."

Some of the work includes additional reinforcement and repairs to damaged concrete sections, and the sealing of joints and cracks from water intrusion.

The Nine Mile Park-n-Ride Station is one of the most popular in the system. Pre-pandemic it was at a utilization rate of 88 percent in 2019 and has 1,225 spaces, making it an important facility in the system. The station connects multiple bus routes with light-rail service. Repairs now will allow customers to have an updated facility when normal daily commuting returns.