Parken App Poised to Eliminate Parking Hassles With Unique Pre-Paid Parking Services

July 16, 2018
Launched in June, Parken promises to erase the headache of driving around endlessly, looking for a place to park.

Launched in June, Parken promises to erase the headache of driving around endlessly, looking for a place to park. Users download a simple app, register and then pay a reservation fee to secure parking close to their destination. Once reserved, that spot remains secure through the duration of their reserved parking window. The iOS app currently services New York City, but will soon expand to include other cities and be available for Android.

Parking Guests

Traveling to a large city like New York can present all sorts of obstacles, not the least of which is trying to find a place to park. Lack of parking space is a ubiquitous metropolitan issue, and the problem can completely derail an entire trip before it has really even begun. Parken helps travelers find and secure the best available parking spots directly at or near the travelers' destinations.

Guests can pre-book a parking space from a Parken list before they even leave the house, simply by downloading the app and paying the reservation fee. Travelers can then embark with the assurance that a parking space will already be available when it is needed. Parken users arrive and leave at any time within the booked parking window, and payment is always easy, via a credit card.

Parken offers:

  • Hassle-free booking
  • Guaranteed pre-paid parking
  • Multiple parking options
  • Parking for any type of vehicle: SUVs, trucks, semis or even a yacht (coming soon)
  • Decreased time spent on parking overall
  • A feedback system to rate and review the experience

Parking Hosts

Parken allows those with available parking space to rent out those spaces and make extra money by literally doing almost nothing. Whether it is a driveway, a garage, a section of curbside in front of a residence, a parking lot or a boat dock, vacant parking space can now be leveraged for easy income. Hosts need only register through the app, follow a few simple steps and begin earning money on their empty spaces. Hosts and guests can also review and rate their experiences with Parken.

"The Parken app does what most good inventions do: it offers a unique solution to solve a persistent problem. Parking is a nightmare all throughout NYC and has been so for a long time. And it's really no different in any other metropolitan area. Travelers can spend hours looking for a place to park their vehicles, every time they travel — it's an enormous hassle that takes an emotional toll as well as a financial one. The Parken app is ready to change all of that. We're constantly adding new users, new parking spaces, and soon the app will expand to include other major cities. Parken is the 21stcentury solution to the age-old problem of available parking," said Ben Edwards, founder.

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