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In our Mission we strive to improve the safety and well-being of people and their communities with the most innovative cloud-based incident response solution that connects the right people with the right data at the right time.

Product Summary

CADOneNet CAD is designed to enable incident managers and dispatchers to efficiently perform their jobs with speed and accuracy.  It captures incident details, prioritizes incidents, and identifies the most appropriate resources to respond to each incident. The incident details are accessible through our OneNet Analytics Dashboard throughout the organization.  The OneNet Engine allows you to work quickly and efficiently without worrying about data loss or disruption.MapOneNet Map is a highly configurable dynamic map display that always the user to see the caller's location from multiple sources. OneNet Map provides the user with valuable information on incidents, units, landmarks, aerial imagery, real-time weather, building layouts, and open geo-based data.MobileOneNet Mobile provides scalable, flexible, and mobile access to mission-critical information on any platform. Our design allows users to use devices that include laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Our solution keeps either incident managers and/or public safety professionals connected wherever their tasks may take them in a car, on an ambulance, in a fi­re apparatus, on a motorcycle, a bike or on foot.


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Alexandria, Virginia (VA) 22312

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