New Products from REI Focus on Passenger Security and Surveillance

Oct. 21, 2017
Brand new DVR and NVR systems provide updated equipment to monitor passengers.

REI, an audio, video and surveillance provider for the transit industry, introduced two new mobile video surveillance systems at APTA Expo 2017.

“We’re showing our newest line of surveillance, which is our HD5 Series as well as our new 360-degree camera system, as well as some products that are in development like the NVR-2400,” Curtiss Routh, vice president — sales, REI.

The HD5-1200 DVR mobile video surveillance system, with 1080p high-definition, provides the precise video evidence to mitigate risks and integrates with your current system.

Customers can use the powerful HD5-1200 DVR with REI’s AHD or IP cameras to create a custom surveillance solution providing the video and documentation required to review any incident.

Currently in development, the NVR-2400 Mobile Video Surveillance connects up to 16 HD cameras (plus optional eight-port POE switch for a total of 24 cameras) to provide total video coverage in and around the vehicle.

The communication module makes upgrading easy for faster communication technology as it becomes available. 

“We do everything from the radio, speakers, surveillance and entertainment. We’re uniquely positioned to have all those products,” said Routh. “Whether you’re looking to monitor your passengers or entertain them, REI has that are scaled to fit any solution.”