Making Complex Messaging Accessible

June 29, 2015

Here at the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), we house an abundant amount of information that is constantly in high demand. With an unrelenting need to communicate complex messaging to audiences of all sizes, it seemed like revisiting our delivery method was in order.

News Renewed

We first used Prezi at the Iowa State Fair, which sees just over a million visitors each year. Presenting our refreshed messaging on traffic safety to such a large crowd was a tall order, but the platform’s dynamic canvas was exactly what was needed to rejuvenate a critical directive.

Whether or not they realize it, folks these days expect a certain level of innovation. Prezi’s movable, zoomable canvas gave us just that, and my team and I received really great feedback from attendees as well as executives within our organization.

In addition to modern flair, we were also provided with the components necessary for true resonance. After all, the key to great communication is the ability to tell a story your audience can connect with, and Prezi paints a picture in a way that can’t be accomplished through static presentations.

Breaking Down Barriers

Since the Iowa State Fair success, several other teams and leaders within Iowa DOT have utilized Prezi for a variety of communications. One of our information specialists, for example, uses Prezi extensively for both real­-time and on­-demand training. We also credit the platform for economically disseminating complex ideas and proposals, such as the state’s driver’s licence renewal process, which is currently transitioning from every five years to eight years.

As our budgets and staffing become increasingly tight, the need to find creative, low-cost ways to explain complicated transportation-­related topics rises. Utilizing prezis with voiceovers allows us to create videos in­-house that can be used on the Web with a lot less time and money than it would take to produce a traditional video.

Overall, the platform has helped us be clearer, more effective and efficient communicators.