Avail Pioneering Totally Integrated Solutions

Oct. 18, 2017
Avail spotlighted both its partnership with Fleet-Net, and the management system that puts all operational information into one interface.

Avail Technologies Inc. and Fleet-Net Corporation — which was recently acquired by Avail — both showcased their management software, aimed to make running a system less of a hassle by utilizing multiple software systems for each position.

Dorsey Houtz, president & CEO, Avail said, “Avail has always had the vision to be the complete provider for transit. Whatever your role is in transit, you can log onto our software and do what you need to do. As of today we can now address the software and professional needs of every transit operation.”

Houtz said that the companies are working on a totally integrated approach to a system that operates under one user interface.

Clive Newell, president & CEO of Fleet-Net, “We provide ongoing support. We’re not going to stop developing the product. The software didn’t change so much as the platforms that we use it on has.”

The software is customizable for each agency’s needs, which means that features can be added or turned off. On the maintenance side the software also works to be more ‘premeditative’.

“The engines send data when they have problems and the maintenance department is generated a work order,” said Newell.