Rail Transit Control with Enhanced Flexibility, Reduced Maintenance Costs & Improved Interoperability

June 15, 2017
Ansaldo STS leverages in-depth technical expertise to provide customized solutions that meet diverse operating requirements.

From driver-based to driverless and unattended driving modes, and from new to refurbished lines, Ansaldo STS's communication based train control (CBTC) solution is the best choice for customers demanding high levels of performance, automation, functionality, maintainability and reliability for their transportation systems. The solution fits any type of rolling stcok and is scalable to meet the needs of any operator. 

Ansaldo STS's CBTC is designed to use industrial standard protocols, assuring interoperability with current and emerging standards. It employs commercial, off-the-shelf equipment that is easily upgrade-able and maintainable. 

The technology provides superior bandwidth capacity, which allows real-time data, video and audio-over-IP from the field to the control center. Which a click of a mouse, the control room is aware of what is happening on board any vehicle or at any critical point along the line. 

The automated centralized maintenance server continuously receives and analyzes alarms and diagnostic data to detect failed or degraded equipment. When failure occurs, a "maintenance action" is automatically generated. Problem resolution is automatically expedited, minimizing the effect on operations.

The CBTC solution ensures reliability through proven technology and is compliant with the IEEE Standard 1474.1 for CBTC Performance and Funcional Requirements. 

The system is modular, component-based architecture that easily adapts to existing systems. It's also a scalable solution, accommodating future growth and network modificaitons. The interoperable system is compatible with other supplier's devices.