November Product Feature: Maintenance

Nov. 16, 2016

Bitimec Wash-Bots Inc.

Model 626-EZ battery Powered Bus Washer

Bitimec's wash-bots line offers fast, affordable big-power-brush solutions for bus washing. The systems are so easy to operate a grade schooler can use them instinctively. All models, from the 101-BB to the top-of-the-line battery powered 626-EZ deliver the wash muscle of a 4-5 person strong wash-crew. Bitimec Wash-Bots have an average footprint of 12 square feet and can be tucked out of the way when not in use.

Bruno Albanesi, [email protected]

Fall Protection Systems

The Safety Gate

The Fall Protection Systems Safety Gate is a very cost effective fall protection product for the mass transit industry or any situation where workers inside railcars need protection from falling outside the car. It protects the unguarded edge typically used for access.

Pavel Tretyakov, [email protected]

Graffiti Shield Inc.

3M Multi-Layer

Multi-layer is a 4-layer system consisting of 4-Mil clear anti-graffiti films stacked to allow the user to peel away graffiti one layer at a time as it is damaged. We precision cut the film to fit your specifications and do a layered step to allow each layer to be pulled off as needed. This innovative product is great for many uses including transit buses, trains and stations. It can also be utilized on ticket vending machines, screens, and mirrors. All pieces are precut to fit your openings and can be part number engraved.

Dan Alvarez, [email protected]


Mobile Column Lift

The strength and efficiency of MAHA’s Mobile Column Lift gives service technicians the ability to easily fulfill high-demand routine maintenance inspections and repairs. Uniquely powered by a low friction re-circulating ball-screw, these lifts stand in stark contrast as one of the industry’s only non-hydraulic lifts. The ball-screw is reliable for high mechanical efficiency and features minimal mechanical wear, less maintenance, consistent performance and does not leak like hydraulic systems may. MAHA also offers customized Mobile Column Lift configurations. Synchronize up to 48 columns to create a lifting capacity up to 864,000 pounds.

Steve Davis, [email protected]

Trapeze Group

Vehicle Intelligence

Predict when maintenance will be required to prevent faults or breakdowns. The Trapeze Vehicle Intelligence Solution gathers and analyzes data from vehicles and the Controller Area Network (CAN). This data is then used to pro-actively maintain vehicles and increase the mean time between failures (MTBF) for transit vehicles and transit equipment components. Metro Transit — St. Louis used Vehicle Intelligence to move from a break fix maintenance model to a predictive model. As a result, they’ve increased the MTBF from 4,000 miles to 21,000 miles and increased their lifecycle of a bus from 12 to 15 years.

Nick Ross, [email protected]