September/October: ADA at the Station

Sept. 18, 2015

TextSpeak Products Group

TTS-ENC Series of LED Sign ADA Announcement Upgrades

ADA compliance is enhanced with push button “press to listen.” When depressed, automatic audio announcements are generated from data displayed on transit signage. Listening for locator tones, the disabled can find and then depress a wall-mounted button to have all visual information spoken from a local speaker. TextSpeak offers signage companies and transit systems the industries’ only ADA and disability upgrades that can add human sounding speech to existing and new visual signage systems.

Visual Marking Systems

TransGrafix Wayfinding Signage

VMS produces wayfinding signage that features long-lasting colors and images and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of public usage. Incorporating VMS’s TransGrafix makes the signage graffiti and weather resistant. VMS produced wayfinding signage can also be designed to be ADA compliant.

NextBus Inc.

Push-to-Talk Button

When pressed, the NextBus push-to-talk button announces when the next bus or train is coming, making real-time arrival information easily accessible to those with visual impairments. Predictions are derived from the NextBus real-time arrival information system. The device features a durable push button and is enclosed in secure, ruggedized housing.


Xtreme Outdoor Displays

 Xtreme Outdoor Displays provide a fully sealed, all-weather (minus 40 F to 140 F) solution able to withstand rain, dust, dirt and more. At 80-inches high or when enclosed in a kiosk, the displays are ADA compliant. They allow stations to quickly share important rider information — a necessity for those who are hearing impaired.

Xerox Corp.

Dynamic Voice for Ticket Vending Machines

Drawing experience in design and delivery of unattended sales devices, Xerox chose to use an AT&T Natural Voice for assisting individuals using Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) features. This approach uses text to audible speech customized to the actual transaction and information requested eliminating the need for stagnant confusing voice messages.