Four Keys to Maintain State of Good Repair to Achieve Compliance and Optimize Your Operations

April 16, 2024
State of Good Repair doesn’t have to put your transit agency in a state of despair

Most transit agencies have already updated their Transit Asset Management (TAM) plans and aligned their agency safety programs to achieve the required State of Good Repair (SGR). Going forward, however, the SGR discussion will center around optimizing strategies to comply, incorporating a growing variety of priorities. The challenges that must be overcome are more varied than ever and require more subject matter expertise. Supply chain issues, sustainability requirements, and geopolitical/economic issues are just a few of the external challenges facing the industry. Internally, one of the biggest roadblocks to success is the fact that asset and project-related data are often housed in separate, disconnected systems, causing a lack of visibility and leaving leaders ill-equipped to make informed decisions.

This white paper identifies the challenges related to maintaining bus and rail systems in a State of Good Repair. It also describes partner-driven solutions that will enable you to provide safe and reliable service, including asset management compliance, performance-based asset planning, and life cycle asset management.

Download the white paper now.

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