Xpan Interactive Ltd Showcases eLearning Solutions to Enhance Training Operations at APTA Annual 2018

Sept. 24, 2018
At the 2018 APTA Annual meeting Xpan Interactive Ltd offered a view into its training solutions for transit agencies and manufacturers,

Xpan Interactive Ltd works with both transit agencies and manufactures to deploy learning initiatives, reduce training-related costs, and drive organizational performance. Xpan configures, integrates and deploys different learning programs to ensure success.

"We focus on the rail side, specifically in maintenance; a lot of the manufactures like the Bombardier, Siemens and the CRC's are providing maintenance and operations training as well," said Ron Thiele, founder and president of Xpan. "In the last few years we've gone into the softer skills about leadership, such as sales hr training as well. From the most part our history comes from high tech training across the rail industry."

Xpan's eLearning tool set includes:

  • Complete turn-key online training solutions
  • Instructional Design and Technical Writing
  • Complete Learning Management System
  • Video, 3D animation, photography, audio and voice
  • Courseware Development

Xpan is currently working with a number of agencies currently.

"We work with dozens. We're in midstream with RTD in Denver, New York and Long Island. We've been getting wrapped up with Chicago right now," said Thiele.

Xpan's goal is to meet the training needs of the transit industry by bringing together the elements of instructional design and multimedia technology with first-hand technical knowledge of transit systems. The company provides support to when utilizing the training eLearning tools.

"We're agnostic when it comes to the platform, but we typically take a hold of the infrastructure," Thiele explained. "Most agencies just aren't ready for that, so we provide that as well."

Xpan's eLearning platform works to cut budgets, increase retention and improve training.

"What we've seen in 20 years is that we try to make it as generic as possible so as many agencies can buy in. It is mostly aimed towards the customer. We've found over the past few years that agencies want customized solutions, so we provide those as well," said Thiele.