Waterfall Security Solutions and Cylus partner to strengthen cybersecurity for rail systems

Feb. 18, 2020
The joint solution ensures secure accessibility and protection for rail signaling and control networks.

Waterfall Security Solutions and Cylus have announced a partnership to provide a joint security solution for rail signaling and rolling stock systems to help ensure safety-critical rail network infrastructure is inaccessible to hackers. 

The optimized security solution integrates Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways with the CylusOne™ continuous monitoring solution, eliminating operational network blind spots without adding risk to railway system operations.  

Waterfall’s ruggedized gateways replace firewalls in industrial network environments. By ensuring unidirectional data flows from operational technology (OT) to information technology (IT) networks, Unidirectional Gateways guarantee control networks’ high Safety Integrity Level, blocking attacks originating in external networks, according to Cylus. Integrated with Cylus’ vendor-agnostic rail cybersecurity solution, the joint offering allows rail operators to continuously monitor safety-critical networks, providing visibility, threat detection and response, as well as a secure flow of information through Waterfall’s security hardware. 

“Today’s rail systems are becoming increasingly connected and automated in order to improve business efficiencies and passenger experience, but this also increases cyber risk,” said Amir Levintal, CEO and co-founder of Cylus. “Our partnership with Waterfall offers additional solutions to rail customers, combining the deep, real-time visibility into OT networks already provided by CylusOne with the most robust, hardware-based physical protections for safe, continuous and efficient operations.” 

“The rail systems industry is very safety focused, and cybersecurity is vital to safety,” added Lior Frenkel, CEO and co-founder of Waterfall Security Solutions. “Our partnership with Cylus gives rail system operators a powerful tool to assure safe, secure and reliable operations.” 

CylusOne is a cybersecurity solution designed specifically for rail and metro environments. Utilizing deep packet inspection, CylusOne monitors the dataflow within specific safety-critical rail network protocols. The joint solution allows rail operators to safely and reliably eliminate blind spots, reveal asset connections, uncover safety requirement breaches and diagnose impending service availability issues, all while reducing exposure to external cyber-attacks. Together, Waterfall and Cylus deliver safe IT/OT integration with deep, enterprise-wide IT and OT network monitoring and intrusion detection to protect rail equipment and service availability.