Plustek Launches Covert In-Vehicle Surveillance Recorder

April 5, 2016
Plustek Security announced it will launch its new MiniONE mobile solution at ICS West in Las Vegas on April 6-8, booth #1045.

Plustek Security announced it will launch its new MiniONE mobile solution at ICS West in Las Vegas on April 6-8, booth #1045.

Plustek’s new MVR MiniONE is the most compact four-channel mobile DVR. With the size of a smartphone, it can be installed almost anywhere in any vehicle. The MiniONE records video onto a MicroSD card, accepts DC power input range of 6V to 36V and it also provides a power source for the cameras, making it an ideal solution for hidden surveillance and law enforcement applications.

The MVR MiniONE has built-in GPS so all the routes can be displayed on a map, viewing live video remotely or recorded video playback that is synced to the route. Each MiniONE has its own UDID (Unique Device Identification) which allows command centers to identify each DVR and make a direct connection without DDNS or port forwarding. Plustek also provides an API (Application Programming Interface) with sample codes so customers can easily integrate it into their fleet management software which will enable video to be displayed on top of their map.

"We're excited to launch this small and mighty mobile MiniONE video recorder that’s made specifically to work with your customers’ existing fleet management and GPS tracking system,” said Robert Fuchs, Plustek Security marketing manager.  “With video surveillance constantly changing we’ve brought a varied selection of newly designed mobile DVRs to meet the needs of ISC West attendees."

MiniONE also offers optional Wi-Fi and 4G modules that give customers the flexibility to expand their real-time communications when needed and is customizable. With Wi-Fi enabled all the recorded videos can be automatically uploaded when the vehicle is within range of a wireless mesh network. Wi-Fi also provides a convenience process for configuring and maintaining the device without attaching a wire to the unit.

With an activated 4G LTE SIM card installed, it provides command center the access to live video. If an incident is occurring, the driver or command center is able to take the appropriate action immediately. Plustek’s new innovative MVR MiniONE delivers the most efficient and reliable surveillance system.